What series to watch on Netflix during the lockdown?


I must say I’ve became such a huge fan of Netflix recently and nowadays I hardly watch anything on TV. Though, I still love some cooking and home related channels. Anyway, since the lockdown has started I’ve caught up on so many series and movies I can’t count. Today I want to tell you a bit about a few series to watch which I think are worth it and which you can find on Netflix.

The Stranger Things

I am so late to the party. However, I’m so into this story of small town and it’s mysteries. The boy is disappearing and then the girl with some strange abilities is being found. Then you realize it’s an experiment that people should never know about and it gets more dangerous and you fall into that story. After a couple of hours you can’t stop watching so you just watch the whole season and then another one. And you just want more.

The Peaky Blinders

It’s year 1919. Thomas Shelby is a leader of a gang in Birmingham. They want to get on the top to have it all. There’s a lot of whiskey. Everywhere you look there’re people wearing some nice costumes. The plot is interesting and addictive. It’s one of those series I’d totally recommend to watch.

Lemony Snicket A Series of Unfortunate Events

This one is perfectly made and I love it for that. Also, the whole story is just so intriguing. There’re no happy endings in it and it’s just right. It’s worth watching and the more you watch the more you get into it. The finale of the third season is also great. You wish it was something different but well, that’s just life. What’s more, it leaves you with a lot of feelings after each episode and that’s what the good series should be doing.

Brooklyn 9-9

I love it! It’s quick, it’s funny and it’s addictive. The whole series is just a story about a precinct and detectives there. It has a lot of great humour and it’s so nice to watch and relax.

Once Upon a Time

series to watch

I’ve started watching this one after I’ve finished watching The Grimm. I love series where there’s fairytales and legends involved. I guess, it’s because they remind me of my childhood. Once Upon a Time is just great and there are a lot of plot twists and it’s always interesting. It’s a story about a town where there are a lot of different fairy tales creatures and people you might know. Unfortunately, they don’t remember who they are and a little kid is trying to help them by bringing the person who might save them all. That’s how the story begins and it gets better and better.

Locke & Key

The house full of weird keys and the family who get to reveal the story of their dead father and the house and the keys is intriguing. The magic that follows and the evil that’s watching is great. I love the story just hate the characters. I mean, if you start to watch it, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. It’s surprising and a bit disappointing but still the story is way more interesting to stop watching it. I know for sure, when the season two is there, I’m gonna watch it straight away.


How annoying the finale of the first season was! That’s it and that’s all. I still think it’s worth watching though. The story might not be moving fast but the way it moves is great. So we’ve got this guy who works and apparently owns a book store and the girl who is wanting to be a writer. The man is a creep but an episode after an episode you have this weird feelings that he might be right some times. And you don’t know what to think about it because he’s definitely the bad guy but the girl is just annoying. I don’t know I like it and I don’t at the same time.

The Witcher

Let me tell you this. I’ve watched it within two days with my whole family and it was my mother who wanted to watch an episode after an episode. Within two days only because we’ve started to watch it at 9 pm and after three episodes we’ve decided we have to go to sleep so we can function normally the following day. What can I say about it? It’s great. A bit chaotic which could be easily solved by a little subtitles ‘before the fight for Cintra’ and ‘after the fight for Cintra’. For the people who actually read the books it was easier to watch. I love that The Witcher is finally having a series that are awesome. Anyway, it’s about a Witcher and his adventures. There are witches there and monsters and magic and it’s just amazing.

I think I watch so many things at this moment and I’m still looking for something new and fresh. There are so many great series to watch which you can find and I hope this little list will help you decide what to watch next.

What are you watching on Netflix right now? What series to watch would you recommend? Have you watched any of the series above?

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