What makes December so special? * Blogmas 2019

Note: Yesterday was unlucky day. Our little kitty has gone missing so that’s why I wasn’t in mood of writing any post. Fortunately, she’s been found in one of my neighbors garages.

There’s something with December that makes it magical. Anyone else feel the same? I really love December and I think it’s time to finally tell you why. I’ve realized that it’s nice to remember the reasons of this magic because then it’s easier to partly recreate it in other months.

Everyone is nice to one another

I don’t know why but people are nicer in December. Of course there are the moments when they’re not nice especially when they’re stressed out about Christmas Eve. But there’re more of those nice to everyone people. Even I smile more in December and I’m generally more relaxed and happy what makes me nice to people no matter what.

It’s family-get together time

On Christmas Eve the whole family gets together to sit, have a great dinner and chat with each other. It’s a very special time and to see everyone happy is making me feel good. Not mentioning the food is delicious!


Not only receiving gifts but mostly giving gifts is so exciting. Searching for the perfect presents and then wrapping it is so great. The whole process is so special. I love seeing the smile on someone else’s face when they receive what they like. It’s the most exciting and motivating thing ever!

Christmas Tree

I mean, let’s face it I love Christmas Tree and the smell of it in my room. I like searching for the special one and then decorating it with my fiancee. It makes the difference in house Christmas decorations. I love how pretty it looks among other decorations.

Christmas songs and movies full of joy

It’s always great to hear so joyful and nice songs or to watch movies full of pure love. This is so great about December we get a lot of both of these. Christmas songs are special and what makes them even more special is that we hear them only once in a year. I mean, it’s not a bad thing. But they’re only on the radio for a month and then we have to wait another year to hear them. And oh, how I love Christmas movies! They cheer me up a lot and they’re simple and beautiful and just great.

Hot chocolate season

I think I don’t have to add anything to this because the hot chocolate speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate with cream on a cold weather day?

These are my reasons why I love December. I would add a little of snow and cold weather to this. December is just magical and these little things helps with that. I honestly think it’s the month when Santa Claus is letting us feel the magic he has in his everyday life on North Pole. With his reindeers. And elves.

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