What is a good gift for a man this Christmas? * Blogmas 2019

I think we sometimes struggle to think of a present for someone. If we know the person then it’s easier to get them the perfect gift. If we don’t know the person or hardly know them then it’s almost impossible to think of a right gift. Well, of course we can just grab the first Christmas thing in the shop, wrap it for a present and voila. I hope most of us don’t do it but try to give another something they’ll be happy with. I always struggle with a gift for a man. They can be really hard to find. In all those years I’ve managed to create a list with things that always work as a nice gift. Today, I want to share with you that list because maybe it’ll help some of you.

A clothing piece

Here I have in mind mostly sweaters. Whether they are Christmas sweaters or just everyday sweaters there’re many options you can choose from. I think the season is perfect for this kind of a gift and the only thing we have to do is to observe if the person we pick the gift for is a sweater man. Then we have to decide which one to buy. In this category I also like to put a nice T-shirt. We all wear T-shirts and there is 99% of chances the person will wear it.

Socks and scarfs

There’s nothing better than getting a pair of socks under the Christmas Tree. Also, a scarf is a nice idea. Winter is coming, isn’t it?

Beauty Sets

If a man likes to take care of himself then there’s so many great beauty sets in shops. We have plenty to search for. There’s those with showers gels and perfumes. In others we can find moisturizers, body lotions, beard oils and peelings. We can buy it in a nice card box or in a man bag or even a barrel. Yes, the last one is an Old Spice gift set. I really think there’s a lot of to choose from.

There’s also those gifts like a good book or some gadget but I think it’s better if you know the man a little so you know what will make him happy. Above three categories are the ones which will suit with most of a man whether we know him or not really. I hope this little list will help you with choosing some of your gifts.

Let me know if there’s something more you’d like to add to this list as a good gift for a man?

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