What are the new products in my skincare routine?

Some time ago I’ve shared with you my skincare routines. I must say I’m constantly improving it and testing what I like and don’t. It’s not only about the products I use but also the amount of time I spend on it and how many steps I make. I love to try new skincare products and add them into my routine. Nowadays I spend quite some time on applying everything but it makes me so happy. This is my ‘me time’ each morning and evening which makes me more organized and just more ready for what’s coming. So yes, I’ve added a few new products to my skincare routine.

Lumene, Hella, Moisturizing Toner

My favourite product in my whole skincare routine so far. I love the simple and pretty packaging which is mostly in pink vibes. The smell is sweet yet not too intensive. I like the gel consistency which is easy to apply on the cotton pad and then on the face. It leaves a delicate film on a skin which makes it feel very soft and silky. It’s such a nice feeling! What’s more, the ingredients are 100% vegan and it contains a nordic lingonberry water. I absolutely love it and my skin loves it too.

Bielenda, Vege Detox, Moisturizing Serum

After I use my toner I apply this serum. It has a little sticky gel consistency but it feels like heaven on skin. A pump and a half is enough for my face. I love the small, glass packaging with a little pump because it looks just cute. And it’s a perfect travel size – fits everywhere. This serum contains vitamin C and broccoli extract, which has a strong anti-radical and anti-aging effect, improves skin elasticity and firmness. Also it has moisturizing and nourishing pumpkin seed extract which improves the appearance of the skin. My skin is thankful for it and the feeling of the smooth and moisturized skin is everything I’ve ever asked for.

Avant, Moisture Surge Overnight Treatment

I got this one in an advent calendar but only lately I’ve started using it. I’m pretty surprised by this product. You don’t need much to feel every single area on a skin is covered. At the same time, it feels a little heavy and greasy which at first I’ve thought my skin would hate. It loves it! I wake up in the morning and I feel this film on my face and this softness of the skin. It looks pretty good, my skin is hydrated and moisturized and that’s the perfect start of a day. I wash my face but still the feeling stays of having a really healthy and nice looking skin.

My skincare routine changes and evolves – it’s just living – and these three new products above stays for now. I love them. They make skincare routines more fun and my skin is thankful for using them.

What are you using for your skincare routines? Are there any new products you like?

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