Top 5 new challenges for summer 2020

My country is finally getting back to normal with the virus thing so summer 2020 might feel quite normal. More things we are able to do and I’m really happy about it. I think it’s also time to be getting back to more normal daily schedule than during self-isolation. It’s still not that freedom as before though. However, I feel more better now as I’ve set myself some routines during the day and not watching TV much. Setting myself some new challenges always put me in better mood and it increases my motivation level. So what I’d like to do during the whole summer season?

Finally get married in summer 2020!

We were suppose to be wife and husband in May. Unfortunately, the whole world went lockdown so we had to postpone the date. Fortunately still for this year. I really hope it will finally happen because I’m looking forward it for a really long time now. This is not much a challenge but I’ve wanted to put it on this list. However, the prep might be challenging.

Start French lessons with my sister

Do you ever talk with someone and say ‘we have to do it’ but never really do a thing? Me and my sister are keep repeating on starting French lessons together for some time now. I really feel the time is coming. It’s not here yet but it’s very close. I hope we will start sooner than later.

Read every single day

My book list is getting bigger and the unread books to read are pretty dusty now. My list of books I want to read is longer and longer each week. I really want to go back into a habit of reading every day. This was something I used to do but now I’m full of excuses. It has to be changed!

30 day yoga challenge

I’ll start today! I will. I remember myself being a very active and stretched person. Now I’m more of the ‘moving hurt me so much’ person and I hate it. This attitude has to be gone until the last day of summer. I believe Yoga will help me gain more self-confidence.

Get up at 5 am

This is the hardest challenge yet the one I’m desperate to achieve. I’m not a morning person however I try to be. The world looks so magical in the morning when people are still asleep and the nature is already awake. That’s very beautiful and I really want to be admiring it more than I do now.

These are my top 5 challenges for this summer 2020. I have some more but these comes first. I’m really motivated but I know myself and its ups and downs and it might be a bit difficult. However, I’m an optimist and I’ve got people who support me a lot so I hope it will work out.

What are your challenges for this summer 2020?

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  1. Aleksandra

    My challenge is to finally get nice abs and dance after your wedding 😀 <3

    • Nigri Felis

      That’s great! I hope to see you on my wedding with those amazing abs and I can’t wait to see your great dancing skills ☺️

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