The perfect lipstick for spring season. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick review.

Spring colors for me are always pastel colors. Whenever I see them or wear them I feel so spring like. I guess it’s because those colours feel light and fresh. Simply they are perfect for warm season when everything around is blossoming. One particular colour is my favourite and I love it especially on lips. It’s light pink! Oh girls and boys, whenever I have a lipstick in this shade I want spring urgently. It is one of those colours I always associate with this season and to be honest, I love it that way. Light pink is reserved only for spring 😉

Chanel, Rouge Allure in shade 91 Seduisante

I’ve bought it in Livigno specially for spring season. In March I’ve been wearing it a lot and today I want to tell you a little more. The packaging as always is super elegant and simple. I have a red lipstick from this Rouge Allure line and I am super satisfied with it. Having a classic red colour I’ve decided to buy a different shade and that’s how I’ve ended up with light pink. Makes sense 😉 The shade is fresh looking. It’s light pink beautifully and pretty naturally looking on lips. I don’t know but this shade of this pink always makes the one who’s wearing it looks younger.

The lipsticks have satin finish. The pigmentation is great! It’s very easy to apply and it lasts really long. I remember I was surprised when after eating a cake I didn’t have to re-apply it. I love that its consistency is a bit as a lip balm. Lips are moisturized but at the same time they look amazing.

I think Chanel, Rouge Allure is a great lipstick. It’s totally worth trying!

What do you think about this one? Have you tried it?

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