The challenging horror card game to play.

Recently, I’ve played Arkham Horror: The Card Game a few times and I really want to know what will happen next. How the story is going to end. Even though it’s an horror card game I’m really curious about it. I want to talk a little more about this game and maybe you’ll be tempted to play it yourself.

horror card game

What is Arkham Story: The card game?

This is a card game where you pick your character and depending on how well you’re doing the story goes in one way or another. The main aim is to find out what is happening with the Arkham Town. This game can be played up to 4 people if you have two core sets of Arkham Horror. You play in cooperation with other players. This is my favourite type of games because I don’t end up fighting with my fiance 😉

horror card game

There are 5 characters who are investigators living and working in the small town of Arkham. You pick just one and create a card set that will be your deck for the upcoming game. There is one campaign divided into three parts in the core set. After each part, you may gain experience points for which you can upgrade some cards of your deck. What’s more, there are different endings and story depends on how well you do in each part.

The goal of Arkham LCG is to successfully unearth the secrets of the Ancient Ones, their minions, their cults, and the unfathomable evils that they’re perpetrating within the streets of Arkham. In order to do this, you must find a way to gather enough clues that you can solve the mystery immediately before you. This is done by exploring locations, discovering the clues they hold, and using those clues to advance the act deck.

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horror card game

What do the game consist of?

In the game, we have cards for the story – its challenges and impediments. On cards for investigators, we have to find clues to move on and on the cards for monsters after each round the token of doom are placed. If there are enough tokens the story can carry on reviling mysteries, monsters and other difficulties we have to take care of.

horror card game

There are cards of locations we explore for clues and other profits. They are double sided so we don’t know what they’re hiding for us until we decide to move our character there. We flip the card and we have to deal whatever it has for us.

There are also two other decks of cards, one for investigators and one for the dark side. Our deck is prepared at the begin of the campaign and after each part, we can upgrade the cards for our experience points. When it comes to the cards for the dark side I call it that way, probably shouldn’t the deck is created before each part. It’s because not all the cards have to be used in each part of the campaign.

Another thing is tokens. They are tokens for our mental and physical health or rather how much we are injured in these areas. There are clues and doom for the story to carry on. Also, they are tokens that you have to draw each time you want to do something. Whether to gain a token of a clue or test any of your ability to win or gain something. Mostly those tokens aren’t the positive ones so the game is quite challenging.

arkham tokens

What I think about it?

The story and campaign are quite challenging but the more you play the faster you play. I and my fiance, we’ve finished the campaign pretty quick and we’ve felt like that’s not enough. We want more! It’s a bit sad that the campaign in the core set is pretty short and that we are forced to buy an extension. However, the story is intriguing. The fact that there are different ways of ending it makes us play it again for sure. Only when we’ll forget it a little. We’re the type of people who like to live the story for the first time and then not reliving it again. In this case, we will do that to check alternative endings and try to play different investigators.

The game is made beautifully and it’s great quality. I totally recommend it to play for all fans of live card games. As for me, this horror card game was a bit anxious to play at first. But later I was more excited to know what is going to happen than to feel anxiety. Let me know what you think about this game in the comments below. Oh, and sorry for this a bit chaotic review. I’ve been doing it for the first time. I’ve tried to do my best and I promise to improve my board games reviewing 🙂

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