The light face cream which has changed my skincare morning routine.

light face cream

I love me some good light face cream for a day. Why? Because I love skincare and I try to do everything I can to keep my skin in a great condition. We have times when we can find a perfect cream for our skin no matter what the problem is. I am a huge fan of using hydro creams for the day and the more greasy ones for the evening. Today, I want to tell you something about L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Vera. I’ve found it on the shelf of my local store and because there’ve been a sale I’ve decided to buy it. I am not disappointed since then. It became my favourite one to use in the morning. 

The looks

The packaging is simple – blue glass bottle with the pump. It feels firm in the hand and the pump is still working after using it for more than a month now. I like that you can see how much is left in the bottle. What’s more, the pump gives you the perfect amount of the cream for one application. It is enough for the face and the neck. 

light face cream

The cream

I love the light and watery consistency. It absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it smooth. The formula is not greasy or sticky. The skin feels soft and after a few applications you can tell the difference. It’s more hydrated and fresh looking. Also, the smell is very nice yet not to intensive. I’ve been using it for more than a month now and I am pretty satisfied with my skin. It became more moisturized and healthy looking. 

L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Vera is a light face cream which has become my favourite to apply in the morning. The formula is simply perfect for me and it really works making the skin more hydrated. I totally recommend it to everyone who has a skin with a tendency to be dry as mine has. 

Have you used L’Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Vera cream? What do you think about it?

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  1. Aleksandra

    Now I’m thinking about buying new hydrating cream… 😉

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