The inspiring movie which made me to change the way I live

inspiring movie

There’s been a lot of things going on recently. I’ve been quite busy with working, working and working. A crazy time! The only activity I have power for is watching TV in the evening. My fiancee has turned the old movie on which I have forgotten about. The title is Yes Man and it’s a very inspiring movie. I’ve watched Yes Man a couple of times but I’ve never been moved by it so much.

What’s the movie about?

The movie is about a man who always says no to everything. And then his life changes when he attends a lecture about saying yes in life. He takes up the challenge and everything changes. He starts to finally live instead just exist. It’s a beautiful movie.

What the movie gave me?

I think I haven’t really understood this movie until now. I used to do more things and it made me happy. Now I’ve became more like a main character. Saying no to many things and simply spending time in front of TV became my every day life.

I quite don’t know why now I’ve understood this movie better. Maybe because of the situation I’m in. My life is a little like his and I need to change it now. I’ve realized I used to be different but as usual life made me that way. Or maybe I’ve made myself that way. It’s always so easy to blame it on something else. But I’ve choosen this life and guess what? I’m not happy at all. I’m trying to satisfy everyone around except me. I think we are all like it. We all try to satisfy someone around us. It’s maybe because we are taught to behave this way. Or it’s easier to live blaming everyone around you for your unhappiness.

I want and I will change my life. I’m not afraid of the change because I need it so much. I hope for the best and I’ll do my best to be happy again. Let me know what inspiring movie have you watched recently that made you motivated?

2 thoughts on “The inspiring movie which made me to change the way I live

  1. It wasn’t recently but few months ago I watched movie The Fall from 2006 and it was something like katharsis for me.
    Maybe there are right moments for certain movies in our lives and when we watch them we gain new perspective, a perspective that actually changes something deep within us. Whatever it is, The Fall is now my favourite movie 🙂

    1. I haven’t heard of it. Or maybe I have but I don’t remember ;p
      You’re absolutely right (: there is the right time for certain movies in our life to fully understand them (:

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