The board game for evenings – the long Autumn ones.

Autumn means a lot of cozy evenings and not really knowing what to do with them. This season and the following one to a lot of people is the worst. You can easily get feelings of depression. A few years ago, I’ve discovered I and my fiancee have the same hobby. We both love board games. That’s been the best discovery of all. Since then we play and collect board games as freaks. We’ve played a lot of different ones. Today I want to share with you with the perfect board game for evenings. 

Descent: The Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is the board game in which you can take a role of a dark lord or a hero. The game can be played by yourself or up to 5 people. I always play only with my fiancee. We hardly ever can find anyone else who wants to join ourselves. It’s mostly because all our friends lives in different cities. During the game the dark lord and the characters take turns and decide what two actions they will do. There are different cards, abilities and monsters to play with. 

Each character has it’s own history and class. On the hero card you can read what abilities they have. Also, each hero has its own plastic figure. I’m thinking about painting them because they would be more fun to play. What’s more, each character rolls different set of dices depending on whether they attack or defend themselves or have to take a test. 

The dark lord doesn’t have the figure but he has his monsters and the monsters have their own cards. Also, the dark lord has his own cards he draws each turn and he can play them to make the game harder for the heroes. They are so many different monsters and each category of monsters have the great one who is stronger and better than the rest. What’s more the dark lord has lieutenants but unfortunately we are given only tokens of them. If we want we can buy a figure separately. 

board game for evenings

In the book there is a campaign. Each campaign has many little journeys which are printed on the map in the back of the book. When you travel on the map you can have some mini adventures along. What I like about this game is that the area where you play is build every little journey with the map tiles. So there are many different possibilities. 

If no-one wants to play the role of a dark lord and his monsters then you can play with the Road to Legend app. My fiancee has downloaded in on our iPad and we play with it. In the app you have different campaigns than in the game which is great. You can play first yourself with the app and then with your friends with the campaign book from the board game and you won’t get bored. The app substitutes the role of a dark lord and makes it pretty well. The rules of playing with the app are a bit different than the normal ones. But they’re so fast to learn. 

I’m totally in love with it. We’ve already played one campaign and thinking about starting the new ones. Also, we’ve bought some new expansions and I’m haunting for figures of lieutenants. We’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I’m recommending this game to everyone who loves to take roles and live an adventure in the world of magic and mystery. 

Let me know if you’ve heard of this game and what you think about it. Also, what board game for evenings would you recommend playing? 

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