Summer goals inspiration to try this season.

It's so hot outside! The summer's came and I'm totally loving it. There have been so many things happening at the same time in my life recently. Also, my motivation has gone on a vacation for some time. It was exciting and very hard period for me and it's been happening at the same time. [...]

Welcome April – what I’ve been up to and new monthly goals.

Can you feel it already? The weather is so much nicer now. There have been some colder days but I think we can finally say the spring is here. I think April is my most favourite month in spring season. Everything's starting to blossom and it all looks just magical. What have I been up [...]

The checklist the day before Christmas Eve || Blogmas 2018 day 22

We are almost there so it's the perfect time to double check if all is prepared. To help you, and also myself, I've created the checklist the day before Christmas Eve. It's good to write everything down and really check if all that is already done, or if you have everything you need for the [...]

The bucket list for this Christmas || Blogmas 2018 day 2

This Sunday was a relaxing one. It was also very cozy and I've thought that it is a perfect day to sit down and write what I want to do this season. There are so many things I've always wanted to do during Christmas but somehow I've never done them. Or there are things I [...]