How to take care of your skin during spri​n​g and summer season?

We already have spring and you probably wonder how to take care of your skin so it's constantly in a good condition. I have the same! I see days are warmer and I can finally take off all these sweathers and long-sleeved clothes. It’s not hot yet so it’s very easy to be fooled by [...]

The body cream that will improve your skin condition fastly before the warm season. Neutrogena, Hydro Boost whipped body balm review.

We should take care of our skin all year long but I know sometimes it's easy to forget about it. Especially when the skin is in great condition. Unfortunately, the changing weather, stress and not drinking sufficient amount of water can cause dry skin. The warmer days are coming and we all want to look [...]

Garnier, Ambre Solaire, No Streaks Bronzer – is this self-tan worth trying? || Beauty

This summer I have decided to finally try some self-tanners. I don't like natural tanning and for years I loved my pale skin. However, I have decided to try something new. My skin is ready to look summery and as if I've just got back from holiday in the Maldives. Maybe one day I wouldn't [...]

Bielenda, Super Power Mezo Serum review || Beauty

I am recently addicted to using serums at nighttime. I feel like because of my evening routine my skin is in so much better condition. I think it is in the best condition it ever was. Today I want to introduce you to Bielenda, Super Power Mezo Serum. The packaging is pretty simple - transparent [...]