Summer goals inspiration to try this season.

It's so hot outside! The summer's came and I'm totally loving it. There have been so many things happening at the same time in my life recently. Also, my motivation has gone on a vacation for some time. It was exciting and very hard period for me and it's been happening at the same time. [...]

What to give to a mum? A short list of gift ideas for mum || Blogmas 2018 Day 10

We're almost halfway there and I am truly happy about that. Yet, there are still so many things to do. One of the things I can cross out of my list is buying presents. I've prepared myself greatly this year and I've done the whole Christmas shopping before December. That's why I have all the [...]

What to give to a wo​ma​n? The short list of gift ideas for her || Blogmas 2018 day 6

Last time I've shared my Christmas gift ideas for men with you and today it is time for a female version. I like to make lists and making those especially for gift ideas is the best thing ever. These lists became so practical and very helpful when you just get stuck up with thinking what [...]

What to give to a man for Christmas? A gift ideas for him || Blogmas 2018 day 3

I always struggle when it comes to buying gifts for men. So I came up with a general list of things I can give to a man. I use it whenever I don't have anything specific for a certain person. It really helps a lot because sometimes I feel stuck with thinking about gifts for [...]