The perfect foundation for dry skin.

I am not a huge fan of foundations. I'm more of a little bit of concealer girl or I'd rather have bb cream. However from time to time I set myself for an adventure to search for a perfect foundation for my dry skin. This time has come and I'm really surprised by what I've [...]

Is this foundation really worth your money? L’Oreal Paris, True Match foundation review || Blogmas 2018 day 7

I've been searching for a perfect foundation to my skin and I still haven't found one. My skin is very challenging and to find anything great for it can be very difficult. I am hardly satisfied with anything. It's because my skin is mostly dry and I don't like when it's visible. I've been testing [...]

The foundation I was using the whole summer season and loved. Bielenda Make-up Academie Liquid Foundation with Vitamines review || Makeup

Those of you who are with me for a while knows that I am more of a BB cream girl. Many times I have said it is the best solution for me and my skin. They were perfect for the summer season when I needed only light coverage to hide some almost invisible blemishes. However, [...]