Welcome April – what I’ve been up to and new monthly goals.

Can you feel it already? The weather is so much nicer now. There have been some colder days but I think we can finally say the spring is here. I think April is my most favourite month in spring season. Everything's starting to blossom and it all looks just magical. What have I been up [...]

How to overcome the procrastination? 5 easy steps to stop procrastinating and start having things done.

I think everyone has procrastinated at least once. I used to do it a lot during my uni years. I remember the moment when I stopped care for anything and I didn't have any motivation or energy. It was a time when I had decided to change that state. It was hard at first but [...]

The place where you feel good. A little adventure in Livigno.

I've just came back from Livigno, Italy and I must say I miss it already. I've spent the great week with my fiance and my parents. We've been having a lot of fun skiing, eating and just enjoying ourselves while being there. Some information about Livigno. Livigno is a town and comune in the province of Sondrio, in [...]