The body cream that will improve your skin condition fastly before the warm season. Neutrogena, Hydro Boost whipped body balm review.

We should take care of our skin all year long but I know sometimes it's easy to forget about it. Especially when the skin is in great condition. Unfortunately, the changing weather, stress and not drinking sufficient amount of water can cause dry skin. The warmer days are coming and we all want to look [...]

How I take care of my bust? Christian Laurent, Pour La Forme, Tightening & Firming Bust Concentrate Review || Beauty

I like to take care of my body and I am a fan of using different types of creams to different parts of my body. Of course, I don’t go to the extreme - two or three is enough. Because let’s be honest, who would have spent that much time in the bathroom? There might [...]

24 hours of moisturizing. The night cream that changed my skincare game || Beauty

I have probably said that already that I love testing out face creams. If I haven’t, well there you go. The reason why is because I love taking take of my skin. I absolutely love skincare but it wasn’t like that before however, that’s the story for another post. One of the things I do [...]

The cream worth trying. Bielenda, Hydra Care, Moisturizing Cream Coconut & Aloe || Beauty

I love testing out new facial creams. This is one of my favourite things to do. I am still looking for the perfect cream for my skin and I personally think I’ll never find it. I have a few that, when I don’t feel like trying something new, I can always pick up and be [...]

Evening skincare routine || Beauty

I became a huge fan of evening skincare routine two or three months ago. I read a book „The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin” by Cho Charlotte and it changed my thinking and my routine. I like taking care of my face, but I never really thought about why [...]

Garnier Skin Naturals botanical cream and cleanser review || Beauty

I have become a huge fan of skincare recently and I am trying to find cosmetics that are perfect for my skin. In the winter time I am struggling a lot with different creams, tonics, and serums, etc. to find some my skin likes. Today I want to share with you two products I bought [...]