The perfect lipstick for spring season. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick review.

Spring colors for me are always pastel colors. Whenever I see them or wear them I feel so spring like. I guess it's because those colours feel light and fresh. Simply they are perfect for warm season when everything around is blossoming. One particular colour is my favourite and I love it especially on lips. [...]

The perfect red lip products for Christmas || Blogmas 2018 day 5

I cannot imagine Christmas without me wearing red lips. I mean, well, I can imagine this but it wouldn't be the same. I love wearing red lipstick and there's never too much of them in my makeup bag. I am buying new ones and I think I'll never stop. To be honest, December is more [...]

What I have in my makeup bag for this summer season? || Beauty

July is being very difficult for me. All my colleagues are one after the other going on holiday so I have a lot of work to do. When I get back home after eight hours I am so tired that I hardly can speak. Also, the time runs so fast. It's day after day, week [...]

My morning skincare​ and makeup routine before work || Beauty

I am working over a week and I already created a morning routine when it comes to my skincare and makeup. If you want to read about my thoughts and feelings about new work click here. Anyway, I am happy about my morning routine because I’ve made it pretty easy and quick. Firstly, I take [...]