I started writing this blog because I really wanted to share some of my stories with you. This was my main category at first but it changed quite quickly. I didn’t have much time to create different stories and publish them often. The amount and the type of stories I’ve written changed a lot of times.

Now, this segment is the one where you can find different types of stories and poems I’ve written. My favourite at the moment is the story about The Cat and The Dog. I don’t know where the story will go and when it will end but it’s the one I find the most pleasurable to write. Also, there are short stories which are not related to each other and I try to keep them really short. What’s more, I have created So The Darkness I became, which will be a longer story I’m writing. I’m planning on making some regular series with it but I still have no idea when.

To sum up, I hope that everyone will find some story for himself.