Skincare routines for morning and evening.

skincare routines

Skincare routines are the things I really try to maintain during the whole lockdown. It’s so easy to give up on these but I believe keeping some habits going is the best way to not go crazy. I love starting my day with a good skincare routine, even the simple one, and ending the day with a nice evening routine. They make me feel good and my skin is looking healthy which is amazing.

Morning skincare routine


I like morning skincare routine and I always try to make it as simple as possible. There’s not much to do. First thing is I wash my face with warm water. Also, I often don’t rub it off with the towel. But it’s the option when I have a little more time than usual. This makes my skin more soft, at least I feel like it does. When my skin is dry I take two pumps of L’Oreal Hydra Genius and apply on my face. I love that it has very watery consistency almost like a serum but they don’t call it that way. Personally, I call it a serum. After this one I use AA Hydro Sorbet for dry skin. It has more creamy consistency and smells very fresh. The scent reminds me of a cucumber which is weird but I’ve found out I really like it. I’m not even sure if that’s a cucumber but it reminds me of it and I’ll call it that way. Anyway, my skin after all this is very soft and moisturized. It is hydrated and every single makeup sits perfectly and doesn’t dry my skin during the day.

Evening skincare routine

makeup removing

My evening skincare routine begins when I take my makeup off. Many times now I don’t wear any makeup during the day which doesn’t stop me from this first step. I use Luxury Micellar Water with thermal water and active oxygen by Christian Laurent. It removes even the waterproof cosmetics and more important this micellar water doesn’t dry my skin. Another step is washing my face with Caudalie, Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil which is wonderfull. It’s moisturizing grape and sweet almond makes the best smell ever and great hydration. I love that it can be used on eye makeup, of course with closed eyes. I’ve been worried that it might irritate my skin but it hydrates instead. The only thing I don’t like is it has little problems with mascaras. It makes smudges under the eyes which are easily washed off with other gel. I hardly ever make this step my first step of cleaning my face so it’s not a problem for me.

washing face

Now moving on to Moisturizing Micellar Gel with bioactive citrus water from Bielenda. The smell is nice, fresh and not to intense. The gel doesn’t foam much and leaves the skin moisturized. I like that it removes everything what’s left on my skin. What’s more, I can tell you it’s not easy to wash off from the face. It also might be because of my water and not the gel itself. Who knows? I really like this one because it has everything I need. Another step is peeling which I use twice or three times a week. I use Perfecta, Glycerin Peeling. I love the sweet smell of it and that it has green jelly consistency. The grains aren’t that big as they said but they do their job perfectly. Every single part of dry and dead skin is beautifully removed. After this my skin feels like totally new.

The last step of evening skincare routine is applying a cream. At the moment I’m using Mixa, Hyalurogel Night. It has this very nice thick creamy consistency. Almost scentless which for the night is perfect. I love the feeling of my skin absorbing the cream and really being hydrated for the whole night.


I like the skincare routines I have at this moment. All the products I’m using are really working for my skin. They make it more soft, hydrated and healthy looking. I like to keep my morning routine more simple while get a little crazy and take more time during my evening skincare routine.

Do you keep on skincare routines during the lockdown? What your morning and evening skincare routine looks like? What products do you use and which one would you recommend?

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