No Way Back

no way back

‘You have to be 100% sure you want this. There’s no going back’

‘I guess I am’ said the girl.

‘That’s not enough. I’ll go away now.’

‘Don’t!’ she hesitated ‘I want to go with you. I am ready to let go of every thing now. Just to be with you. I don’t have a reason to stay here anymore. My world will never get back to how it used to be. My heart’s been broken so many times and I don’t want it again. I’ve wanted this for so long. Will you be next to me?’

‘Yes, you just need to make a first step.’

‘I’m not longer afraid.’ The girl leaned over and took a step.

‘It wasn’t that bad.’ she smiled.

‘Now we go.’ He grabbed her hand and they started walking. Suddenly, the horrifying scream could be heard. The girl turned around.

‘That’s my mum!’ she tried to free her hand in vain ‘Mum! Let me go! There’s my mum! I want to run to her!’

‘As I said, there’s no going back.’ He pulled her and they were walking side by side. The Death and The Hung Girl accompanied by the excruciating despair of The Loving Mother.

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