New Year’s resolutions and how to create them?

New Year, New Me! How many times have you said it? I’m guessing many. You’re the same as I am. I’ve always kept telling myself “it’s the time! Now I’m gonna fulfill my New Year’s resolutions.” I’ve never done it and I’m always regretting. I think it’s because I’m having a huge trouble with motivation and self-esteem. This year, however, I feel a lot of energy and I’ve thought it through faithfully.

Summing up the previous year

I think it’s important to see what you’ve achieved through the last year. It’s nice to write down all the things that were important to you and have them organize on a monthly time line. At first, it might be really hard to do but the further the easier. You’ll get to remember many events and things from the last year. It’s super motivating to see how many things there are on your time line.

Then you create main categories and write all the things that happened within them. I like to make categories for family, friends, health, work, hobby, relax, finance and self-improvement. You can also add or remove whatever you’d like to. If you have those categories you try to evaluate each of them by marking it from 0 to 10. Where 0 is the worst of your satisfaction and 10 is the best of your satisfaction. When you have it you draw a circle and write those marks into it for each category then you can see with what you’re satisfied last year and what needs to be improved.

Creating New Year’s resolutions

There are a lot of ways to create a New Year’s resolutions. I like to firstly, write all of my dreams and ideas of what I want to achieve. You don’t have to rush anything here, you can slowly think about it. Make some break then get back to it. When you have your ideas you try to find as many arguments why you want to do it and why you should do it as possible to each of them. This step will make you see what really matters.

After finding the reasons you pick 4-6 main resolutions with the most arguments why you should do it. Here are your New Year’s resolutions for 2020! If you have them, because that’s not the end, you create a list of tasks you can make to see if the resolution is fulfilled. For example, the resolution is ‘I’ll learn a new language’ then the tasks can be: ‘I’ll pick one new language’, ‘I’ll find some tutorials on YouTube’, ‘I’ll join a language course’, ‘I’ll learn basic communication in a new language.’ Those baby steps really help to see where you at with the goals.

5 features of well written goals

Have you ever heard of SMART method? If you haven’t then keep reading. It’s very easy and very goals changing. I’ve first heard of it when I was at uni. It’s the method to make your goals easy to achieve and it works, trust me. Below you have 5 features of what well written goals should be like.

  1. Specific – well defined and significant.
  2. Measurable – quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress.
  3. Achievable – specify if it’s within your reach.
  4. Realistic – state what results can realistically be achieved.
  5. Time-related – specify when the result(s) can be achieved.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t that hard to find but are definitely harder to achieve. I hope this post will help you with creating the goals you’re happy with and which are easier to achieve. I know that there might be some problems with motivation along the way but I believe finding good reasons for each resolution might help with it. I wish you all the best and let me know what are your goals for 2020?

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