My happy to-do list for December 2020.

I’m finally in my comfortable mindset where most of the things are organized. I must admit December made me happier and excited. I’m much more motivated and it’s just this time of the year, as always, is giving me strength. Even though it’s not the most nice year let’s fill last few day with joy. Soooo, I’ve created this happy to-do list because lists are my cup of tea.

  • This year I want to decorate more rooms in my house. As I’m still living with my parents I needed to discuss this with my mum. We share the same feeling of making the house more festive especially this year so I got permission to do whatever I want. Everyone who knows me know that I’m just crazy about Christmas. However, this is a challenge for me because I really want every family member feel good and not too overwhelmed by the festiveness.
  • Make a hot chocolate with cream in Christmas mugs. Gather family members for a movie night or a board game night. Spend some quality time together. Enjoy every moment of it and just be thankful for what we have.
  • Have an evening under a blanket with tea and a book. I really want to read some Christmas books because I’ve been putting them away during the other months of he year. It’s finally the best time to read them. Other way I’ll have to wait another year to do so.
  • Enjoy opening advent calendars and create some space and time for myself. It’s the month when I really want focus on rebuilding most of my beauty routines. I think it’s important so to invite my self-confidence and feeling good to my life again. When I think of it now I should probably make the happy to-do list focusing only on improving myself 😉
  • Have a Zoom meeting with my best friend and cherish our tradition of hot drinks and a cake/pie in December. We meet in festive season, chat about everything and basically we have a great time with each other.

It’s my happy to-do list because I’m really looking forward to doing all of these things. The way I think about is just making me feel good. I think it’s important to create lists that excite us then it’s easier to just do things from it.

What’s on your happy to-do list for December? What do you think about happy to-do lists? Do you like the idea or you’d stick to basic to-do lists?

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