I’ve created a lifestyle category to share with you what’s happening in my life and what I am interested in beyond beauty. This is a segment I’ll be publishing all kind of posts I find interesting and I really want to share with you. Maybe someone will feel inspired by them or maybe you’ll inspire me by a different point of view at something.

What you can find here?

First of all, there is Board Games category. I play a lot of board games and I’ve thought sharing my opinion about them maybe will help you to decide whether or not you want to play it too. Most of them aren’t cheap so reading different opinions before buying is a must but sometimes it’s hard to find many on the Internet. So here I am writing my opinions about the games I’ve played.

Secondly, Diary & Thoughts is the category in which I’ll be writing all that what is happening in my life whether it’ll be something serious or silly. It may be a day from my life or some thoughts about something I want to tell you.

Another category is Travel. This one will not be having posts written often only from time to time. But I’ve decided to add it here as I love to travel and I love to share with friends the places I’ve been to.

There are also categories as Blogmas, which will have posts published only in December, or Wedding, which will have posts published until my wedding day.

I hope everyone who likes to read lifestyle posts will find something for himself here.