How to find a prefect gift for the loved one? * Blogmas 2019

Most of us struggle to find a perfect gift for the one we love. Lucky those who always knows what to get and their presents are always the best. Is there anything that can actually help with finding a perfect gift for the loved one? I think there is some advice I can share with you. I’ve learned a few things over the years.

The time when to start

The whole process of the gift picking needs to start a lot earlier than 3 days before Christmas. It’s usually a middle of November when most of the Christmas sets come into shops. This is also a time when we can browse through different things and compare the prices to see where is the best to buy something.

What the loved one loves?

When we answer this question then it’s so much easier to look for something specific. This is usually a hobby or a thing they love. For example, my parents love golf so I’ll be checking something for golf for them. Or my sister loves makeup and some specific brands so I know I won’t be getting her products for gardening. However, this is the tricky point because if someone loves something then we must know precisely what to get them.

The practical gift

I mean, it’s always nice to receive a pair of socks. The practical gift is also the gift someone else literally wants. asking the person what she needs is the best way to getting them what they’ll be happy with. Of course, it makes no surprise but we cannot have it all sometimes.

Always listen and write all ideas down

Through the whole year there’s always a lot of great ideas mention to you. There’s always the need the loved one communicate with us and it’s a great idea to write all them down. We think we will remember but trust me, we won’t. Then in December we check out magical notebook and boom! we know exactly what is a perfect gift for the loved one.

I hope this is helpful. If not then you can check out some of my last year’s posts with gift ideas. What’s more, there’s always something in giving home-made gifts but you need to like it and have a little bit of a talent. In case you’re a child then you don’t need to have these because well, all parents love their kids home-made gifts 🙂

Is there something you’d like to add to this list?

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