Christmas decorations that make December magical * Blogmas 2019

The Christmas is almost here! We still have some time though. If you haven’t already felt the Christmas spirit then keep reading this post. I think it might help you to get fully into Christmas craziness. As each year I like to buy some new decorations or simply just make ones myself. And this post is all about Christmas decorations which make every home more cozy and ready for this magical time of the year.

Santas, elves, gnomes and Christmas trees everywhere

Christmas decorations

Well, the more of them the better. I have this crazy obsession about gnomes and I buy one or two each year. They’re cute and they look very nice on every shelf. I also, love buying cute Santa Clauses and small Christmas Trees. I really think they make the magical atmosphere in December.

Lights and candles

Oh My! I love lights and candles. Almost on every evening they’re burning in my room. I like how cozy they make me feel. What’s more, I always chose the ones for batteries because then there’s lower chances of having a fire. And I always watch the candles for the same reason. I don’t want any fire around me.

Reindeers and other Christmas decorations

Reindeers are my favourite. I even wanted to adopt a reindeer once but well, it never happened. Still got a chance to do it though. I have a lot of reindeers and I remember when I was younger my parents always brought me a reindeer of some kind when they got back from different trips. So yeah, I have quite a great collection. When it comes to other Christmas decorations it can be a car with a cute shining Christmas Tree on the roof or a snowman or anything else related to winter/Christmas.

I believe when you decorate the room with these then you can really feel the Christmas spirit. We can use these decorations only once a year and I think that’s why they’re so special and just magical. In this matter I keep telling myself: the more the better. And I honestly believe this rule can apply here perfectly. Because there’s never too much Christmas decorations when we’re talking about this time of a year.

Let me know what are your favourite Christmas decoration you own? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas decorations that make December magical * Blogmas 2019

  1. Lovely decorations! <3
    I am also a big fan of Christmas decorations of all kind but my favourites are probably Christmas lights and chocolate Santa Claus 😀

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