The truths that cannot be told. A short story of The Cat and The Dog || Blogmas 2018 day 13

The Cat (C) and The Dog (D) C: Dog! Dog! The Dog walks out of the kitchen slowly and looking surprised. D: Wow Cat. It's the first time you actually call me. C: Don't get so emotional. I'm calling you because I want to know what do you have for me for Christmas? D: Oh [...]

New romance || The Cat and The Dog

'It is raining. Once you’re wet, you cannot get wetter. Even though those miserable creatures run away like they could. Stupid humans. I see that The Dog is coming back from his walk with Katy. It is a matter of time when she’ll get rid of him. Walking out today was such a terrible idea [...]

The three of us || The Cat and The Dog

Pigeon Andrew (A) The Cat (C) The Dog (D) Katy (K) The Cat and The Dog are sitting on the bench in the park. It is an evening and the lanes are brightened by the warm light from the street lamps.  A: I cannot believe the whole week has gone since we started C: Don’t [...]