The modern world.

I really wish I could understand how it works We make promises so easily to be brokenTrust and hope do not exist anymoreWe are lost still believing in our dead love Living within illusion of pastForgetting the sluty nowSo that we can let the future crush There’s a knife in your back, my FriendIt’s theContinue reading “The modern world.”

Chapter 2. A nightmare or not?

‚You have to tell me everything. Every. Single. Detail.’ I’ve looked at the young man next to me. What the hell has just happened? I was dying. I felt it. Am I in heaven now? I am still scared when my mind starts to remember everything. I’ve come here to analyze my dreams. Lately, IContinue reading “Chapter 2. A nightmare or not?”

Chapter 1. Its hypnotizing green eyes

I do not understand those who believe in words so easily. And those who keep on repeating them all the time. Why people never check if what they hear is true? Maybe it’s safer? If you don’t know, you live better. If you hear only good things, and easy to understand, you sleep better. PeopleContinue reading “Chapter 1. Its hypnotizing green eyes”

The inner laugh which slowly kills.

The yellow light from the half alive bulb lights her tired face. She removes her make-up and washes her face in an old-fashioned sink which she’s always wanted to have in her bathroom. She stares at her own reflection in a dirty mirror. Her eyes are red and itchy; lips are too thin and crackedContinue reading “The inner laugh which slowly kills.”

Prolog. So The Darkness I became

‘Mummy, mummy! I saw a monster! Monster! Mummy, help!’ The woman turned the lights on. A little scared girl was sitting on the bed screaming.  ‘Calm down’ said the woman in a delicate voice while sitting down next to her child. She hugged her ‘It was just a nightmare’. A little girl pushed her awayContinue reading “Prolog. So The Darkness I became”

The secret’s out!

Words. I should have reacted somehow. Everyone else would be disgusted. What I’ve heard is outrageous for most of society. But I sit here listening carefully without any emotion felt or showed. Silence. The bartender laughed artificially at the joke he’s heard while filling the growler with light yellow, bubble liquid. People are talking onContinue reading “The secret’s out!”