What I have in my makeup bag for this summer season? || Beauty

July is being very difficult for me. All my colleagues are one after the other going on holiday so I have a lot of work to do. When I get back home after eight hours I am so tired that I hardly can speak. Also, the time runs so fast. It's day after day, week [...]

3 Beauty advent calendars I wish I had || Lifestyle

December is the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything about it and I am proud to say that I’ve already bought all the gifts. Apart from giving people presents I love that we have advent calendars. Different kinds of advent calendars. Today I want to talk a little about beauty ones I [...]

Another three free helpful apps

Recently, I have written a post about Three free helpful apps and today I want to share with you another three apps I love. All of them are very easy to use. Walkr. Galaxy Adventure In Your Pocket. This application is counting your steps and then turn it into the energy. With that energy you [...]

Three free helpful apps || Lifestyle

I've been addicted to my phone lately. Maybe not to the phone but to the apps I have on it. I am using some applications that are very helpful for me. So I thought why not to write about them if I love them so much. And maybe you will love them too, or you're [...]

My love story || Diary

When I was younger I thought love is something magical. Once given lasts forever. I believed  in love at first sight and that people are made for each other.I started growing up and my Prince Charming wasn’t coming. I watched hundreds and thousands of romantic comedies whishing that one day I met a guy for [...]