How to take care of your skin during spri​n​g and summer season?

We already have spring and you probably wonder how to take care of your skin so it's constantly in a good condition. I have the same! I see days are warmer and I can finally take off all these sweathers and long-sleeved clothes. It’s not hot yet so it’s very easy to be fooled by [...]

What to use to avoid having dry cuticles? AA Wings of Color, Oil Therapy Rose Elixir review.

My cuticles are most of the time dry especially when I'm not using a hand cream regularly. The hand cream helps them but there are times when they need special care. By that I mean I have to use a cosmetic designed specially for cuticles. Trust me I'm always having trouble with finding the one [...]

The body cream that will improve your skin condition fastly before the warm season. Neutrogena, Hydro Boost whipped body balm review.

We should take care of our skin all year long but I know sometimes it's easy to forget about it. Especially when the skin is in great condition. Unfortunately, the changing weather, stress and not drinking sufficient amount of water can cause dry skin. The warmer days are coming and we all want to look [...]

The great Nuxe gift set that can make wonders.

Recently, I've written a post about Nuxe as a brand. Today I want to share with you my opinion about some of their products. I've heard a lot about this brand and I've always wanted to try something from them. The Christmas time was a perfect time for it because almost every brand had a [...]

The best kind of evenings. December pamper routine || Blogmas 2018 day 9

I like cozy evenings when I have time to relax and I don't need to rush with anything. On evenings like this, I love to have some me time. I try to take some extra care of my skin. These kind of evenings are my favourite ones. In this post, I'll tell you a little [...]

Luxurious micellar water for everyone. Christian Laurent Luxury Micellar Water with Colloidal Gold review || Beauty

Cleaning the skin on my face is the priority no matter where I go and what I do. I like to know that it is washed, fresh and therefore healthy. When I reach for the washing gel, micellar water or washing oil they all have to be delicate to skin and do their job greatly. After [...]

Garnier, Ambre Solaire, No Streaks Bronzer – is this self-tan worth trying? || Beauty

This summer I have decided to finally try some self-tanners. I don't like natural tanning and for years I loved my pale skin. However, I have decided to try something new. My skin is ready to look summery and as if I've just got back from holiday in the Maldives. Maybe one day I wouldn't [...]

How I take care of my bust? Christian Laurent, Pour La Forme, Tightening & Firming Bust Concentrate Review || Beauty

I like to take care of my body and I am a fan of using different types of creams to different parts of my body. Of course, I don’t go to the extreme - two or three is enough. Because let’s be honest, who would have spent that much time in the bathroom? There might [...]

The face oil that changed my skincare routine. Bielenda Hydra Care, Cleansing Face Oil Review. || Beauty

I like my skincare routine and I like that instead of only washing my face with the gel, I have started to use the oil before it. This is something to do for those who not only love taking care of their skin but also who have time for that. And are simply willing to. [...]