The perfect foundation for dry skin.

I am not a huge fan of foundations. I'm more of a little bit of concealer girl or I'd rather have bb cream. However from time to time I set myself for an adventure to search for a perfect foundation for my dry skin. This time has come and I'm really surprised by what I've [...]

The perfect lipstick for spring season. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick review.

Spring colors for me are always pastel colors. Whenever I see them or wear them I feel so spring like. I guess it's because those colours feel light and fresh. Simply they are perfect for warm season when everything around is blossoming. One particular colour is my favourite and I love it especially on lips. [...]

This product changed my eyebrow game and I love it! Wibo Eyebrow Pomade review.

I don't test many eyebrow products. When something is working for me I stick to it and hardly ever change it. But there comes a time when I want a change. When I want to use something else. When the colour of the product doesn't work for me anymore. And it was the same here. [...]

The 3 great eyeshadow palettes on my shopping list.

Spring is the season when I find it hard not to buy a lot of makeup. I really get very excited and motivated for new makeup products. And I'm always creating a wishlists for everything. It's the time when I can splurge a lot of money only to have even more cosmetics than I already [...]

The matte liquid lipstick that has amazing colour, Nabla Dreamy review.

If there is one category of makeup I can have a lot in my makeup collection it's definitely lips products. I love all different kinds of lipsticks, lip pencils, lip balms, lip crayons and lip glosses. I wear them a lot and definitely have some of my favourite. The one I'll be talking about today [...]

Good quality mat lipstick and lip contour you can get in a supermarket.

Recently, I've gone to one of supermarkets and I've discovered great makeup brand. I've heard about it but I was surprised that it was there. I mean, probably nothing's weird about that because most supermarkets have some good makeup brands. But still, I've never seen this brand in any bigger drugstore so I've always thought [...]

The shopping list of new beauty products I want to buy.

We're almost have spring here and I am truly happy about that. And while the days are getting longer and warmer I've decided to create a beauty shopping list. There are or soon will be new cosmetics on the shopping shelves that I'm very interested in. I like testing new things when it's spring so [...]

A huge decluttering of my makeup table || Blogmas 2018 day 18

As each year, or from time to time, I like to declutter my makeup table. I collect makeup through the year and I hardly ever throw away anything. Only if something is really bad then it goes to the bin. Otherwise, I can keep things for a really long time. I've decided it's the perfect time [...]

The mascara that has it all and is pure perfection. Maybelline New York, Lash Sensational review || Blogmas 2018 day 17

With each day we are closer to Christmas and with each day I'm getting more excited about that. The best part of it is that I write every single day even when sometimes I don't feel like to. I don't know what my life would look like when blogmas is over, but so far I [...]