The perfect vegan shampoo for volume and bounty hair – Love Beauty and Planet.

I've been testing a lot of new shampoos recently. I have no idea why but it's true and I'm obsessed with this activity. I've been trying to find the perfect one and with every single one I claim "this is the one". Then I try another and I claim the exact same thing. However, the [...]

The great hair products I use for healthy and thick hair. Natura Siberica shampoo and conditioner review.

I really like taking care of my hair. And I love trying new hair products. Some time ago I've tested Natura Siberica shampoo and I believe I've mentioned it in one of my posts. Recently, I've bought another shampoo and conditioner from this brand. Natura Siberica, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo The shampoo is for sensitive scalp. It [...]

The great Nuxe gift set that can make wonders.

Recently, I've written a post about Nuxe as a brand. Today I want to share with you my opinion about some of their products. I've heard a lot about this brand and I've always wanted to try something from them. The Christmas time was a perfect time for it because almost every brand had a [...]