The great mezo serum from Bielenda. Does it really work?

mezo serum

I am recently using serums at nighttime. I feel like because of my evening routine my skin is in so much better condition. I think it is in the best condition it ever was. Today I want to introduce you to Bielenda, Super Power Mezo Serum.

The packaging is pretty simple – transparent with golden details. It has a pipette, which makes application very easy. When it comes to consistency, it is very watery. However, serum absorbs quickly and three drops are enough to cover the whole face and neck. The smell is very nice. A bit of sweet citrus, at least for me it is this scent.

It says it lightens discolorations, reduces the visibility of blood vessels and dark spots, reduces wrinkles. I cannot say it works, but it’s maybe I don’t have much of any of those. However, it really hydrates my skin and I feel that it is softer, smoother in touch. I totally recommend this to everyone to try.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this mezo serum from Bielenda and also, what else serums do you like and recommend.

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