This is the category I love. I could write a lot of posts here. In this one, I don’t want to focus only on reviewing products but also on brands that make them. I’ve read a lot of beauty posts and I think there is still a lot to write.

What you can find here?

Firstly, there are posts makeup related, whether if it’s ‘what’s in my makeup bag’ or ‘my daily makeup routine’. Also, there are posts with reviews of makeup products. You will find here plenty of different makeup, I hope 🙂

Secondly, there is Skincare. Different products reviews, recommendations, and a lot of tests with first impressions. There are also posts about different skincare routines.

The last one here is Brand, which contains all posts about different brands. What their history is, what they do, what their philosophy is. I think it’s always nice to find out something more about the brand so buying their products may become more pleasurable.