Oh boy! She wants you!

Oh Boy! Cannot you see she wants you now?She will do anything you wantOnly open your mouthLet the magical lies words do their jobLet her drink what you’re sayingMake her want you more and moreSeed the desire of youSeed the thought of youMake her see what she can haveLet her believe! … And when you’reContinue reading “Oh boy! She wants you!”

To the day I let you go (v2)

To the day I let you gowas the saddest of them allwas the worst I ever lived And now I knowIt was for real And this day was full of graceAs a perfect pure nightmareAnd I wished I would wake upOh I wished you could come back But reality knocked me downOn the ground OnYourGroundContinue reading “To the day I let you go (v2)”

To the day I let you go

To the day I let you go, was the saddest of them allI heard the sound of the breaking heartThough I was still breathingThough I was still alive I guess I should have told you a simple ‘Goodbye’But I couldn’t make any sound The sun was high up aboveAnd everything seemed so calmNo wind toContinue reading “To the day I let you go”

The modern world.

I really wish I could understand how it works We make promises so easily to be brokenTrust and hope do not exist anymoreWe are lost still believing in our dead love Living within illusion of pastForgetting the sluty nowSo that we can let the future crush There’s a knife in your back, my FriendIt’s theContinue reading “The modern world.”

Self isolation and what you can do while in it.

Self isolation – we’ve all in this together! This reminds me of better times of High School Musical and how much we were excited about non important things from this point of view we’re at. Well, since the virus is spreading and the best we can do is staying home, we all should take itContinue reading “Self isolation and what you can do while in it.”

Chapter 2. A nightmare or not?

‚You have to tell me everything. Every. Single. Detail.’ I’ve looked at the young man next to me. What the hell has just happened? I was dying. I felt it. Am I in heaven now? I am still scared when my mind starts to remember everything. I’ve come here to analyze my dreams. Lately, IContinue reading “Chapter 2. A nightmare or not?”

Chapter 1. Its hypnotizing green eyes

I do not understand those who believe in words so easily. And those who keep on repeating them all the time. Why people never check if what they hear is true? Maybe it’s safer? If you don’t know, you live better. If you hear only good things, and easy to understand, you sleep better. PeopleContinue reading “Chapter 1. Its hypnotizing green eyes”

The inner laugh which slowly kills.

The yellow light from the half alive bulb lights her tired face. She removes her make-up and washes her face in an old-fashioned sink which she’s always wanted to have in her bathroom. She stares at her own reflection in a dirty mirror. Her eyes are red and itchy; lips are too thin and crackedContinue reading “The inner laugh which slowly kills.”