How to be more eco-friendly? Simple things you can start right away.

Do you like wandering around and feeling the closeness of nature? Can you pause for a second to take a moment and see the beautiful green world around you? Do you care for animals and their environment? Me too! I love experiencing nature as it is. I’m always searching for new places to go, toContinue reading “How to be more eco-friendly? Simple things you can start right away.”

Little dreams and big plans.

I remember being told I can be anyone I want. I can achieve everything and my dreams will come true eventually. If you believe in something strongly then it will come true. What a bullshit! I wasn’t told that culture, stereotypes and many different pressures from outside world would just punch me in a face.Continue reading “Little dreams and big plans.”

The goodbye like in the movies.

We were walking in silence through the night and I never felt more empty. He didn’t want to talk and I had chaos in my head. I was walked to the front door of my house and left alone with words that didn’t mean anything. So I stood there looking at him walking away andContinue reading “The goodbye like in the movies.”

The short description of what present times feels like

Silence! That’s what I’ve been told when I’ve tried to speak up. You’re a fool! That’s what I’ve heard when giving them solid arguments. We know better! And I’ve seen them burning everything down to dust. My world has fallen and now it’s ruled by those who have nothing but greed within them. The unbornContinue reading “The short description of what present times feels like”

What I’ve learnt from my parents?

There’s been a Mother’s Day on 26th May and soon there is a Father’s Day on 23rd June in Poland. I’ve thought it’s a perfect time to reflect on things my parents taught me. It’s nice to sit down and write everything that I’m thankful for. What’s more, I believe it’ll make me more happyContinue reading “What I’ve learnt from my parents?”