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advent calendars

December is finally here! Who’s happy for it? The most wonderful time of the year. For me it’s also the most motivating time of the year. As last year I’ll be doing blogmas and I am truly happy about that. With so many things on my head lately the blogmas will be my time to relax. We have 1st of December and I couldn’t start other way than with advent calendars. Some of them are still in the shops so don’t hesitate and grab one for yourself before they’re gone. 

DIY advent calendar

advent calendar DIY

First, advent calendar I will share with you it’s of course the one I’ve made for my future husband. It’s a tradition of mine. You can check out last year’s advent calendar here.

I like this preparation because it makes me feel more festive already in November. This year, I’ve inserted in this advent calendar a lot of candies and sweets but also some little gifts, as socks, beauty products, accessories etc. This advent calendar is an idea for everyone who doesn’t really feel like any other advent calendar suits them perfectly. 

Beauty advent calendars

We can now proceed to advent calendars you can find in shops. The one I’ve decided to buy myself this year is Lookfantastic advent calendar. To be honest, I’ve no idea what’s inside it as I’ve read the description over a month ago. I like surprises but I remember it was worth its money. Today I got the Morphe eyeshadow palette 9A Always Golden with nine beautiful shades in it. Already wearing it 🙂

advent calendar Clinique
Clinique Advent Calendar

Now let’s move to the advent calendars I think would be great to have them. I will always mention Clinique advent calendar. I think their minis are awesome and they last for a really long time. I remember to be taking them with me everywhere I went. And it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know the brand. 

advent calendar Nuxe
Nuxe Magnetique Advent Calendar

Another one I really wish I had is Nuxe Magnetique advent calendar. I might not like the look of it but I love Nuxe! There are so many minis and I have this thing for minis that whenever I see them I want to have them. They’re just cute!

Other advent calendars

Yankee Candle advent calendar

There are also a lot of advent calendars other than the beauty ones. This year I’ve been thinking about buying myself a Yankee Candle Alpine Christmas Advent Calendar. To be honest, I still might get it.

VW Bulli T1 advent calendar

There’s also the advent calendar where you can build a Volkswagen Bulli T1. How cool is that?

I hope this little post will help you with your pick. At this moment there’s so many advent calendars that everyone will find the perfect one for himself. If you don’t like what you can get then create your own advent calendar. The only limit with it will be your creativity. Let me know what 24-doors calendars are in your homes? 

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