It is not easy to define yourself using only a few words but I will try (and it will not be few words ;P)

Who am I?

I am a woman. I am a proud feminist who believes in equality of all human beings.

I am a dreamer and if only I could I would daydream my whole life.

I am an animal lover. I admire all of the different creatures out there.

I am a bookworm. My nose is hardly ever out of off the book.

I am a beauty lover. I like reading, writing and trying new products and cosmetics.

I am a music addict. I always have my headphones with me.

I am a perfectionist. It is hard to function with it sometimes.

I am a lot of things.

What I love?

I love my family, my fiance, and my friends.

I love my dog and cat.

I love reading crime stories, novels of manners especially from Victorian Time, psychology books.

I love reading magazines.

I love Jane Austen’s books.

I love being creative.

I love listening to music.

I love golf.

I love taking photos, mostly portraits and macro photography.

I love puzzles.

I love everything that is cute.