A very little change * Blogmas 2019

The Dog: Do you think she’s coming back? She’s been gone for a really long time now.
The Cat: She’s always coming back. Now let me sleep.

The Dog looked outside the window while The Cat tried to sleep on a couch. Suddenly, The Dog jumped off the window and ran to the front door.

The Cat: Oh, great! Now I won’t have my nap. Thank’s Dog.

The Dog couldn’t hear those words. He was focused only on the door. They opened very slowly and Katy went inside backwards.

The Dog: I can smell something.

The Cat stood up and looked at Katy being weirdly behaving.

The Cat: Something’s wrong. Whispered.
Katy: All of you just chill out. I have a big surprise for you. But please, just act normal.

Katy turned around and in her hands she had a cardbox.

The Dog: Oh my! I can smell something new. Cat, can you hear? There’s something in the cardbox. I’m so excited! Katy please let me see.

The Dog was jumping around Katy who was trying to calm him down. The Cat was getting scared and scared.

The Cat: No. She. Did. Not.

Katy put the cardbox on the floor. After a few minutes two little kittens got out of it and started to smell the floor.

The Cat: Katy, I hate you! What have you done?!

Little kittens got scared of The Dog who was much bigger than them. Fortunately, they realized he didn’t want to harm them so they started to play with him a bit.

Katy: I see you’re already friends. And I think you’ll get on well with my beloved Cat. Katy looked at the couch where two minutes ago The Cat was sitting. Unfortunately, he was gone.

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