6 things I still have to do before the wedding in a month time.

It’s a month away from my Big Day. I honestly cannot wait! I’m so excited and maybe a tiny little stressed. I’ve been preparing for this day for a really long time. Me and my fiancee had almost 2 years to think about what we like and what we want to have on our wedding day. When the pandemic started we were forced to postpone our Big Date which made me a little sad. I’ve managed to get through the negative emotions and here I am a month before the new wedding day. There are still some things that needs to be done but I’ve got a lot figured out by now. I really wanted to make this list “to do before the wedding” where I point things what I still have to work on.

Gifts for parents

I know what I want for both parents and I’ve started collecting things. I’m making them as much personalized as possible. Also, I try to make some of the things myself to actually know I put not only my efforts in it but also my heart.

Detailed schedule for a big day

This might be a one thing I think of as a simple but it is quite hard. I’ll have to think about everything what I’ll be doing that day and make it planned in a daytime.

List of thins to take with us

And that’ll be a long list! We’re having a wedding in a different place and we really need to prepare for it. So many clothes, accessories, gifts, beauty products and things to take with us. I have to start making this list earlier so later on we know if we have everything.

List of songs we want to play and the songs we don’t

There will be only some we really love and a few we hate. We’re more focused on the songs we’d love to hear and the songs we wan to dedicate to certain people. I think it’s nice to have some songs specially dedicated to some people. So that’s why we’re doing it!


Oh my! I’ve never ever written any speech in which I have to talk about my emotions. It’s a bit scary to get naked emotionally in front of the crowd of people I know. This will be definitely a new situation for me and I’m working on my anxiety. I’m choosing words I’m comfortable with but also I try to use those I’m not. Just practicing in front of my mirror and seeing how I feel after repeating the sentences over and over again.

Organize our honeymoon

We’ve got out holiday booked already. We’re not going anywhere abroad this year but we’re staying in country. Of course, we’ve to make it as safe as possible for us. I’m really excited and I’m just staying in the responsible mood with this one.

Maybe some of you are in the same point of wedding planning. Or maybe some of you will be in this point in near future or the further one. I hope you’ll feel a little inspired.

Are you planning your wedding too? How it’s going? Or maybe you’ve already had it? What’s your advice?

to do before the wedding

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  1. Aleksandra

    I’m looking forward for your speech! <3

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