September in photographs

I used to get very excited about the first month of the school. I know, school…, but I was that kid. Buying brand new stationary, which I still am obsessed with, new knowledge to learn and addictive smell of new books – it was my happy time of the year. I have a lot of good memories and they still echoing so my attitude towards September haven’t changed much since. It’s the month of transitioning from golden and hot Summer to cozy and warm Autumn. I love this month for it’s colours and the fact that it’s still warm but with chilly mornings and evenings so you know the change is here. It’s a time for some long walks with a dog which are my favourite. The same as some tea and a good book with me on a sofa covered in a soft blanket. And oh woman! how I love sweater weather, colorful leafs, mushroom hunt, pumpkins everywhere and chestnuts picking.

What was my September like?

It definitely was a month when I had some serious talking with myself going on. The month in which I got outside my comfort zone too many times and it’s the time when I’ve realized the bubble I built around myself is nothing but terrifying. In September I visited Iceland for the first time and fell in love with it (especially sheep and the lack of people almost everywhere). I’ll cherish this memory for the rest of my life because it changed me in a way none of my previous journeys ever did.

September was also a month of me picking my old camera and just taking photographs. Everywhere and always. You know the feeling when you’re doing something and suddenly everything seems to be making a lot of sense and it all falls into right place and you don’t care about the world but just enjoying the process? I felt that again and again. At this point of my life I’ve no idea why I’m giving up on my hobbies so many times and then pick them up again and love them even more and the whole cycle repeats. However, I’m really grateful that each break is shorter and shorter. Maybe that’s what growing up means. You realize you have less and less time left so you need to cut the amount of time spent on nothing and you need to learn how to heal faster from whatever hurting you. Or maybe the energy I put into changing my mindset is paying off. Anyway, I’m really grateful for the whole month and what it brought me with it.

Does the butterfly have insecurities about its beauty? Or just loves to be admired because they know their worth?

What was your September like? I’d love to read if you’ve discovered something new about yourself or what you love about this month. Let me know in the comments down below.


2 thoughts on “September in photographs

  1. Enjoying school… weird. But I think I understand the excitement of new beginning. It was fun to pick new gadgets to school, but walking back through grey corridors not so much.
    Now I kind of like september (if it’s not too chilly). I like the colours, the views and longer evenings couse I’m old now and I like to rest more 😉 And in general sptember is nice when there’s no school to attend to.
    P.S. Lovely pictures! ❤

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    1. I guess I was such a nerd back in the days. Though I still am… 😉 September has it’s own unique magic, maybe the age has something to do with it as you say 😉
      Thank you!

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