How to be more eco-friendly? Simple things you can start right away.

Do you like wandering around and feeling the closeness of nature? Can you pause for a second to take a moment and see the beautiful green world around you? Do you care for animals and their environment? Me too! I love experiencing nature as it is. I’m always searching for new places to go, to wander, to just relax. I’ve always tried to take care of the planet, however, I feel like it’s time to be even more environmentally aware. Below are some of the things I do to help our beloved planet. 

Reduce meat consumption

It’s been a few months now since I’ve decided not to eat meat. Firstly, I’ve gone to the extreme side and I wasn’t eating meat at all. But then, I’ve realized I’m not really a type of person who will do it in a healthy way. The person who will search for and provide nutrients that my body needs from other sources than meat. So I’ve gone into being an optimal meat eater and I do eat meat only occasionally and only as little as I possibly can. Now I have it only once a week or once every two weeks. Sometimes it’s even longer. What made me do it? Nowadays the consumption of meat is just terrifying because people eat way too much of it. This may lead to higher carbon dioxide production, animal suffering, colon cancer, heart disease and obesity. Also, we produce way too much than we actually need so a lot of it is just being thrown away. 

Get rid of palm oil

This one was one of the hardest. When I’ve started to be more concerned about the ingredients in the products, I’ve realized there are barely any without palm oil. I did not know what I would eat but the more I looked for the products the more of them I was finding. Of course, I still make mistakes and sometimes I buy a product with palm oil and only after I’m at home I get to realize it. There are also times when I receive gifts containing palm oil from my parents or friends. However, I’ve reduced it in like 90%. 

Sign different petitions to save nature, animals and climate (and donate if possible)

I’ve started donating money for animal rescues two years ago. Since then I try to do it from time to time. My main goal is to donate at least once a year. It may not be a lot but I believe if more people did the same the amount of money would be huge to make a difference. However, besides that I’m always signing petitions because I know my voice matters. 

Save water

I’ve started paying more attention to the water consumption and just water. My dad and I bought quite big barrels to save rain water and use it later in the garden. What’s more, when I wash the dishes I stop the water between the soaping and the washing. It means that I pour the dishes in the sink, I turn the water off, I take a sponge and I soap everything (or some of the dishes) and then I wash them off with some water. I know that there may be some who fill up the sink and wash it there and rinse off with clean water. Personally, I think it’s a little disgusting that’s why I do it differently but still save water. 

What other things I do being environmentally aware?

  • Recycling
  • Take more quick showers than baths during during a month. I like baths but on everyday basis I take a quick shower and I allow myself for a bath once or twice in a month instead of a shower. So if a month have 30 days I take 28 quick showers and 2 baths.
  • Try to make my garden more biodiverse
  • Buy things only when I really need them (btw, I saved money when not buying without thinking)
  • Pay more attention to things I buy – how they were manufactured, what are the fabrics, what ingredients, if they have proper certificate, if they are biodegradable, etc
  • Take my garbage with me when I’m out in the nature
  • Leave bowls with some water for wildlife in my garden

I’m still learning and getting to know which products and certificates are the ones that actually protect the environment. I still make mistakes. The most important thing is that I’m more aware and I pay more attention. I don’t force people to behave in certain way, however I try to motivate and encourage to be more aware. It’s our planet after all. It’s the one we have. So why don’t make it the best we can? What do you do to be more eco-friendly?


2 thoughts on “How to be more eco-friendly? Simple things you can start right away.

    1. Simply to save water. Short showers are better than a bath. Of course there’s nothing wrong with taking a long relaxing bath from time to time. But on regular basis I like to take short showers than fill up bath with a lot of water 🙂


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