What I’ve learnt from my parents?

There’s been a Mother’s Day on 26th May and soon there is a Father’s Day on 23rd June in Poland. I’ve thought it’s a perfect time to reflect on things my parents taught me. It’s nice to sit down and write everything that I’m thankful for. What’s more, I believe it’ll make me more happy and satisfied and just grateful of what I have. I’m truly forever loving my parents and I’m feeling blessed every single day. Anyway, because the tear’s appeared in my eye, I want to reflect on the things I’ve learnt from my parents.

Be kind and helpful

One of the lessons my parents have given me is that I always should stay kind and helpful. It’s not even in the particular things they’re saying but in the way I see them behave. I’ve seen kindness and the willingness to help for my whole life. I guess, I don’t know any different so it’s natural for me. Living in the present may harden this but I’m trying to keep remember to be kind and helpful.

Speak your mind wisely

Speaking your mind is important but what’s even more important is knowing when you can speak your mind. Sometimes it’s better to sit quietly and wait. Sometimes it’s not safe to say what you think and sometimes the times aren’t just right. Also, it’s important to always speak kindly and politely no matter who you’re talking to. I think nowadays we forget about being polite and just hate the group that’s on the other side of the road.

Never doubt in yourself and be brave

I’ve heard a lot of words which built my self-confidence from my parents. They’ve always kept repeating that I should believe in myself no matter what because no-one will ever do it for me. The world is a messed up place and people are messed up and my self-esteem differs but my parents have never stopped believing in me and they just push me and motivate me every single day.

Work hard to become dreams a reality

I’ve seen my parents work they ass off to be in a point they are now. There’s been a lot of struggles and fights. They have sacrificed so much and they have never showed the feeling of pretension that they should have something because of who they are. I’m truly grateful for it because I could see and learn that we should work for things to appreciate them better and we should always remember to never claim a thing because you think you deserve it.

Be a kid and have fun

My parents are loving to have some fun. They behave like big kids and I’ve learnt it from them. Never stop having fun and you’ll have a wonderful life.

learnt from parents

Love nature and animals

This is something I love. I admire nature and I love being outside walking in the woods, fields or simply everywhere where human race decided to not involve much. Unfortunately, there are less and less places like it each year which is just devastating. Also, I’ve learnt to love animals as they live near us and the world was theirs at the beginning not humans’. I fight for every single species and I try to do everything I can to support nature and animals through the whole year. My parents have taught me this by always taking me and my siblings everywhere where we could admire the wonders of flora and fauna.

Repair first before throwing away

My mum and dad are masters of repairing and keeping things for later to repair because one day we might need them again. Of course a lot of them go to bin after all but they have to stay with us at least a year long. However, this is how I’ve learnt saving money and be more aware of all the things I have and be more grateful for them. This might sounded weird but I feel like it. I don’t see things as wastes anymore but as an opportunity to try and repair them or use them differently. So it’s some sort of recycling. And damn, how happy I am when something is starting to work again. So proud of myself!

Believe in love

Each day I see how my mum and dad keep on having some great habits in which they show love to one another. I remember that every time they have an argument they always work on fixing it. My mum and dad always work on their relationship. Always. I see how they take care of each other and how they show they love and it inspires me.

I’m thankful my parents taught me so much. I’m really grateful for so many wonderful lessons in my life and I appreciate I can still learn. I love my parents and I know they’ve been through a lot but they try really hard to be the best versions of themselves. That’s why I’ll try to do everything I can to be a good human being they taught me.

What your parents have taught you? Sit down and try to think about the things you can be grateful for.


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