To the day I let you go (v2)

a poem

To the day I let you go
was the saddest of them all
was the worst I ever lived

And now I know
It was for real

And this day was full of grace
As a perfect pure nightmare
And I wished I would wake up
Oh I wished you could come back

But reality knocked me down
On the ground


This is a second version of a sad poem which I wrote after my loving dog passed away. I couldn’t get over it for a really long time and this was the way I could somehow release some pain which were in my heart. I remember that even after two years I couldn’t talk without crying about this. It was really painful. I cried a lot of tears and one day it all became different. Still a sad memory but different kind of sadness. I guess I had to repeat this over and over again until the pain disappeared completely.

There were a lot of sad poems in my life but this one and the first version were more special. To this day it makes me remember brown eyes and how much I miss them. However, now I feel grateful for everything I had with her and I hope she’s just great wherever she is.

Do you have any poem which make you feel sad or remember the events you haven’t feel happy at? Which version of sad poem do you prefer?


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