To the day I let you go

sad poem

To the day I let you go, was the saddest of them all
I heard the sound of the breaking heart
Though I was still breathing
Though I was still alive

I guess I should have told you a simple ‘Goodbye’
But I couldn’t make any sound

The sun was high up above
And everything seemed so calm
No wind to blew any leaves
The start of The Fall was there at least

I saw the end coming far ahead
Couldn’t bare the start of the pain
I pushed it far away this time
I hoped it would disappear
I hoped you’d be fine

Now and then you’re sleeping peacefully

To the day I let you go was the saddest

This is a sad poem I wrote after my loving dog passed away. I couldn’t get over it for a really long time and this was the way I could somehow release some pain which were in my heart. There were a lot of sad poems in my life but this one was more special. To this day it makes me remember brown eyes and how much I miss them. However, now I feel grateful for everything I had with her and I hope she’s just great wherever she is. A sad poem which made me cry a lot and even now I have a tear in my eye.

Do you have any poem which make you feel sad or remember the events you haven’t feel happy at?


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