Self isolation and what you can do while in it.


Self isolation – we’ve all in this together! This reminds me of better times of High School Musical and how much we were excited about non important things from this point of view we’re at. Well, since the virus is spreading and the best we can do is staying home, we all should take it seriously and just do as we’re said. I know that a lot of us might struggle since many people are not home birds. However, we should isolate ourselves as much as we can to let it end sooner than later. I’m seeing a lot of people on social media who says the boredom kills them in a house. I’ve thought I’ll share what I do lately and what I want to do and maybe some more ideas I’ve gathered.

Love your home

For many of us home is just where we sleep. Not even where we eat because many of us just like eating in restaurants. The situation we’re all in makes us stay at home a lot and it’s good to actually like this place. I know, we might not like where we live, but we can try at least to make it more suitable for us. This is the perfect opportunity to precisly clean your house and get rid of the things you don’t need or simply you’ve never liked. The world is giving us the opportunity to think about the place we stay in and a time to make it better. I love cleaning and the feeling when everything falls into a right place is just wonderful. I recommend starting with the great cleaning and then maybe change the colour of some walls or get rid of furnitures you don’t like. The ways of how you can improve the area you live in are many. The main point is to make it a great place during this whole situation.

Start a new hobby or master the one you’ve already have

How many times have you said to yourself you don’t have a time to do something you’d like to? I guess many, there’s always been something in your way. Self isolation is a perfect time for starting a new hobby which can be easily performed in home. I’ve always wanted to paint all those board games figures I have but I’ve always found some good excuse. Right now, I’m thinking how to get more money so I can spend them on more paints and tools so I can improve my skills. Don’t get me wrong I still can find a lot of excuses but it’s harder for my mind to be ok with them. This time no-one, except the people you live with, is going to disturb you. You can also master the hobby you already have and trust me there’s always something you can do to improve your skills. Be creative with it! There are so many things you can start doing just pick one you think you’d like and give it a try.

Play board games

So many amazing board games there are out there at this moment. Everyone will find the perfect one for them. We can play alone, in a pair or more than two people. There are those for kids, the young, the grown ups and the elder ones. Shorter or longer, easy or more challenging. I mean, so many to chose from so the only thing we have to do is to pick the one. You live alone but don’t like playing on your own? Well, there’s always RPG like Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer which you can play by connecting through social media with your friends. There are truly many options out there.

self isolation

Read a book or two or a lot

All the bookworms are probably quite happy right now. Since we can buy books on the Internet and they’ll be delivered right to our doors the self isolation is helping us to sit down and just be gobbled up by all the stories we’ve always wanted to read. I know that the feeling you get in a book store is amazing but we can work with what we have now. I don’t like to browse through the books on the Internet I don’t feel them, but it’s the skill I’m still learning. I’m already planning to buy myself some more books even though my pile of books I’ve have unread is still pretty high. I hope in coming days it will get lower and lower.

Take care of yourelf

A good home SPA is always a great idea! You can have a hot bath and relax. Also, don’t forget to don’t give up on your morning and evening routines. I know it may be very easy to do so when all we do is staying at home. You want to have a full makeup, then let’s do it. You want to dress pretty then go for it. The way we look makes us feel better so taking care of yourself is really important. Let’s exercise, eat healthy and look nice if that help then why giving up on those things? If you don’t know what for and who for then do it for yourself!

Help others

There are many people out there who need help. Fortunately, we still can help. Seek the organization who help the people fight the virus and donate even the small amount of money. There are so many people who fight with the virus for us and we should help them as we can. Also, there are still people there who needs help. Give a second life for all the things you don’t need. You can donate furniture, clothes or things you don’t need anymore so they can be used by someone else. And don’t forget about animals. They also need our help. What’s more, maybe some elder neighbor needs some help with the groceries or we can learn them how to use social media so they can connect with their families? Remember we can do it creatively without even meeting them so they stay safe. I know it sounds ridiculous but the special times call for special treatments.

There are many things we can do during self isolation. We just need to be creative and more positive. The more we’ll stay at home the sooner it’ll end. Remember we’re all in this together and we all fight this war. Please be responsible not only for yourself but also for the people around you. Stay safe!

What you do during the self isolation? I’m courious how you deal with the boredom in your house.


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