Chapter 2. A nightmare or not?

Was it just a dream?

‚You have to tell me everything. Every. Single. Detail.’ I’ve looked at the young man next to me. What the hell has just happened? I was dying. I felt it. Am I in heaven now? I am still scared when my mind starts to remember everything. I’ve come here to analyze my dreams. Lately, I am having only nightmares. And the young man, whose name is never remembered by me, is here to help me understand them. 

‚So this time, what was it about? ’ He pulls the chair with him closer to me.

‚Well.. do I really have to tell you?’

‚Yes. To understand what it is you have to tell me every single detail. You are not a normal person which means this is not a normal nightmare. Your ancestry wasn’t normal neither and you know that.’

‚Yes, but..’ I hesitate. I’m not in the mood to relive the nightmare again. I still feel as if I’m choking.

‚There’s no but!’

‚Okay. Okay’ I say resigned. ‚Can I ask for a glass of water, please? I still feel choking.’ He looks at me closely. His eyes becomes bigger and wider. He looks frightened, as the elder lady, when he points at me.

‚Your neck. It is getting purple and grey and green.’ I stand up fastly and quickly rush to the mirror. Indeed, my neck is changing colour. Now I am getting really scared for the first time in many years. 

‚How?’ I whisper. I don’t realize when the boy stands behind me.

‚Now. Tell me everything. From the very beginning.’

One hour later I am still answering his questions. I have to ask him for the name again. I can never remember. 

‚Okay, that’s it. I will ask here and there if anyone’s ever heard of anything like it. Also, I’ll check in my books but I don’t think they’ll give us the answers this time.’ He stands up.

‚I have a question.’ He looks at me waiting with curiosity. ‚What’s your name again, please?’

‚Really! I’ve told you a hundred times already.’

‚That can’t be.’

‚Trust me, I counted in my notebook. To be more precise’ he walks to his desk and opens up the old notebook. ‚ One hundred and two. Now three.’

‚All right, baby boy. I won’t ask again. I’ll just call you baby boy, okay?’

‚Greg, my name’s Greg.’ He turns around and walks out to another room. I stand up slowly, shout goodbye and leave the building. It’s raining but it doesn’t matter. I even like that because there will not be many people outside. I walk home slowly because I need to think about it all. The life’s getting more complicated and I don’t like that. I guess I’ll have to get used to it one day. 

In home I watch myself in the mirror. My neck doesn’t look nice. It really is grey and I’ll have to wear some scarf until it looks normal again. I don’t want people to ask me questions or let them create weird theories about what had happened to me. I take a long shower and I try to relax. Tomorrow will be another normal day. Maybe someone will call for help so I’ll have something to think about. The nightmare is still in my head and I’m afraid to fall asleep. I watch TV and finally I’m too tired to stay awake. 

The phone wakes me up in the morning. The sun is rising behind the window. I can see no clouds on the sky. It seems there will be a nice day today. I hardly manage to get myself out of bed and walk towards the ringing phone. I pick it up and after a few seconds of talk I drop the handset. My hands are shaking and the yesterday’s nightmare recalls in my head. I feel dizzy and weak and I want to throw up. I need to pull myself together and go to Greg. He needs to know the real shit is about to come.


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