Chapter 1. Its hypnotizing green eyes

hypnotizing green eyes

I do not understand those who believe in words so easily. And those who keep on repeating them all the time. Why people never check if what they hear is true? Maybe it’s safer? If you don’t know, you live better. If you hear only good things, and easy to understand, you sleep better.

People have to explain every single thing so they’re not scared. They don’t believe anymore. They don’t see that maybe there is something more out there that cannot be explained. But what to expect from those who take words so literally? Those who connected those specific neutral words with emotions and so they don’t use them anymore.

Their words fell into a sentence. Sentence into theory and theory into actions that made my world hid in the shadow. People still need me, though. So they seek my help and when they receive it, they forget. Words created in their minds make them believe it was just a dream.

I do not know when the time flew but here I am standing in front of the old house. The only light is visible in one small window next to the door. The rest of the house is covered in darkness. The sun is nearly set and honestly, if I wasn’t me I’d be avoiding this place.

I take a moment to look closely at this building. The house doesn’t seem old but the more I look at it the more details I see that make me think there was some renovation done by terrible people. The roof is styled to be an old one but the tiles look too modern and shiny. The walls are badly painted in grey. The dirty yellow is visible from underneath. The windows are wooden and devastated. I don’t know how the family survived all cold windy nights because frames don’t seem to protect from anything. Well, to be honest, they all look as if they’re about to fall off. No balcony, at least from this side of the house. The only thing strange is the front garden. It is very beautiful. It seems like someone put a lot of effort to make it look so perfect. Each flower, bush and tree are creating some shape. Mostly they’re all in circles, which is a bit disturbing.

I walk the wooden path to the front door. Before I even have the opportunity to knock someone opens them.

‚I was waiting for you. Please come inside’ says the elder lady while making me some space to walk in.

‚Thank you, madam’ the door closed silently behind me. No creak. No crack. No sound. That’s another thing that disturbs me here. My necklace is burning a little bit, which is always bad news. I turn around to speak to the old lady but she’s not there.

‚Hello? Where have you gone, madam?’ I raise my voice a bit. No answer and my words are still echoing a little. I look around and now I realize that there aren’t any furniture or anything on the walls. The bulb is hanging from the ceiling. I am the only one in this light. That’s not good. I move into the room to my right. I hide in the darkness. My eyes feel so much better. This room is also empty. The whole house must be like that. But why?

I look out the window. On the front yard, the elder lady is standing and pointing something on the roof. Her eyes are wide open and her lower lip is shaking. Her whole body is frozen. Suddenly, she turns around and walks away into the garden and starts to do something with some flowers. I don’t know what it was, but I hear a little hiss from the upper floor. I ‘ve decided to check that.

I walk outside the room and look at stairs. Were they here before? I don’t remember. It’s hard to see if there’s anything on the top as I stand in the light. I find the switch and turn it off. I wait a minute so my eyes are fully adapted and then I start to climb.

I look up and the darkness seems to be thicker there. It’s like there’s nothing at all. I stare at it for a moment and make the first step. The stair has creaked way too long. I freeze.


I take the second step. It didn’t make any noise. I breathe with relief. I look up and there’s still darkness. I look behind and through the little window next to the door I see that the elder lady is still in the garden taking care of some bush now. I want to make another step but the sixth sense makes me look up first.

Here it is. Green eyes staring at me silently. Nothing more, nothing less. Just those eyes. I gaze into them for too long, but they look magical. Something’s very charming about them. I have never ever seen anything like it. I try hard to turn my eyes and look at the stairs again.

It is too late to move back. Going forward isn’t the best idea neither. I do not know anything about it besides that it has green eyes.

‚Good evening. How are you doing tonight?’ it spoke. I look at it again and now it is gazing at me and his white teeth are showing. Nothing extraordinary if his teeth weren’t above his eyes. Not even upside down. Just like that, only above his eyes.

‚Good evening. I am doing well. What about you?’ It smiles even more and here is the weirdest part. When he starts to speak one more mouth appear beneath his eyes. The smile is still there and it is speaking using his second mouth. How many does it have?

‚I am good. Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, the poor Madam Boufaire isn’t. Just look at her.’ I don’t dare to do that. ‚She’s only taking care of the garden.’

‚What are you? How to call you?’ I ask curiously. ‚I am Josh. Beautiful name isn’t it? That’s what I think.’ Something’s not OK here. His answers are too smooth and polite. As if he planned them earlier.

‚What hour do we have Josh?’ I am praying he’d give me the right answer.

‚I am thirty years old. How about you?’ I move quickly forward and into the thicker darkness. My eyes has switched and now I see everything. What was talking to me were parts of the dead bodies of different people. That’s not even the strangest thing because the head is from the elder lady that opened the door for me. Only the eyes are not from this world. That’s for sure. One jaw was pressed hard into the forehead, but why it’s closed now? Why it’s not smiling anymore? What were those sounds I heard earlier? What is going on here?

I hear the creak and look down. The elder lady walks into the house.

‚You’re already up here. Hello.’ The head turns around and looks at me. I wasn’t expecting that at all. It grabbed my neck so fast I couldn’t react anyhow. I start to choke but I don’t have any strength to defend myself.

Those green eyes are hypnotizing. I have to stop looking at them. They’re taking all my power.

‚Poor creature. You’ll be mine.’

I start to fall into darkness. I see the stairs, the elder lady pointing at me. Her shaking lower lip is the last thing I notice.

I am dying.


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