Prolog. So The Darkness I became


‘Mummy, mummy! I saw a monster! Monster! Mummy, help!’ The woman turned the lights on. A little scared girl was sitting on the bed screaming. 

‘Calm down’ said the woman in a delicate voice while sitting down next to her child. She hugged her ‘It was just a nightmare’. A little girl pushed her away and looked into the mum’s eyes ‘No it wasn’t. They were real. They told me they would come and hurt my family.’ 

‘You don’t have to worry my love. They won’t come. It was just your imagination’

‘But grandma told me…’

‘Grandma was mental and therefore she was wrong.’ Said mum in a rough voice. A little girl got silent and hugged mum again. The woman started to sing softly a lullaby. After a few minutes the little girl was calm and nearly sleeping. Mother was singing until the girl fell asleep.

‘Goodnight my love.’ The woman said silently and left the room. She hesitated for a while when closing the door. ‘It can’t be true.’ She looked once again at the sleeping daughter. She had this strange feeling that it was the last time she saw the girl.

16 years later

‘There are real mum.’ Thought Isabelle walking silently down the corridor. She moved slowly knowing every sound, even the small one, could be her loss. Something moved right behind the wooden door at the end of the corridor in front of her. She took a deep breath and opened them. The only light in the room was from the half-covered window. Isabelle felt something strange and cold inside. She took a step ahead and suddenly three shining eyes appeared in the darkness. There would be nothing wrong in that if only they were positioned near each other. ‘This is going to be interesting’ Isabelle closed the door behind. 


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