A Love Poem

love poem

It’s not about the clothes

They fit always perfect

It’s not about the smile

Which can be a fake

It’s not about the words

They can mean nothing

It’s about the little things

The simple everyday gestures

The ones you don’t realize but you’re grateful for

It’s about the blue eyes

They show the soul

They speak the Truth

It’s about us




A Love Poem is about a thing we humans sometimes have within us. It’s about an emotion we feel and we show and we lose and we fight for.

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My world

Is there something worth fighting for? Is there something worth dying for? Is there anything at all? I hate the stars they remind me of my dreams. I hate the feeling I just cannot kill. I hate the chains I’m in. I hate the lie I keep telling myself. Was it worth when I started?…

The goodbye like in the movies.

We were walking in silence through the night and I never felt more empty. He didn’t want to talk and I had chaos in my head. I was walked to the front door of my house and left alone with words that didn’t mean anything. So I stood there looking at him walking away and…


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