My new planner + free printables for October.


This month my small dream finally came true. I’ve bought a planner into which I can insert whatever I want. I am so happy about it! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a really long time and I’ve never found anything worth buying. Until now.

October planner

I’ve found a website Ogarniam Się and there I’ve found a planner I’ve fell in love with. The planners come in two different sizes and I’ve bought the bigger one. The planners are also in three different colours which you can chose from. I’ve decided to go with pink as I love this colour. The blue one also looked pretty but I know it won’t suite me that much. What more can I say? The planners are tempting not only because of their looks but also because the price is nice. 

October planner

The planner came to me a few days after ordering packed in bubble wrap. To be honest, I’ve been expecting something more when I’ve been opening the package. Maybe a little note with a simple Thank You note. I don’t know. The opening hasn’t been so surprising. However, the quality of the planner is great. The colour is the same as it’s shows on the website. It’s nice in touch. The opening is magnetic. There are two rubber holders for pens and many pockets for extra documents. 

October planner

Since it came I’ve been creating some pages to start planning. I’m still testing and looking for some inspirations. It will probably take some time until I’ll find what works best for me and my style. Anyway, I want to share with you with these pages for October. You have there a daily planner , a monthly planner , a daily meal planner and a finance planner for month. I hope you’ll like it!

The words will not show off my feelings. I am truly happy and so into planning than I’ve ever been before. I’ve been a bit unsure how the planner would look like but it’s been totally worth its money. Show me how your planner looks like and what do you think about free printables I gave you 🙂 

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